About Tom King

Attorney Tom King is a Texas Family Law attorney with experience in complex family, divorce and CPS cases. Based in Houston and Harris County, Tom mediates Texas-wide all areas of Texas law including family, CPS, probate, elder, civil, employment and federal matters. Tom pioneered statewide online family law mediation in 2017 (years before Covid-19), focuses 100% of his practice on mediation having no clients of his own, and settles 92% of cases on final orders (when inventories and income information is available). Please share mediator Tom King's Court Packet with your courts to get Tom added to each Court's list of approved mediators. Also, see our Internship Program.

Leveraging his background as the host of a syndicated "Tom King's CompuTalk" technology radio show in the 1990s, Tom is the first mediator in the USA to develop mediation mobile phone, tablet, smart watch and browser apps to streamline the mediation process. Tom has served as an adjunct professor of Mediation at the Texas Southern University's Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He is also the founder of the Toolkit.law App software platform and produces the free, global Mediation and Legal Technology CLE Webinars.

Previously, Tom served as a prosecutor with the Galveston County District Attorney's Office (1993-1994) where he was undefeated in misdemeanor, felony and juvenile jury trials including juvenile capital murder. Tom is a member of the Texas Bar College and Texas Association of Mediators. Connect with Tom on LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, here is Tom's vCard.

Tom graduated from St. Thomas High School (1981), Texas A&M University (1986), and Boston University School of Law (1992). Tom is an NRA certified pistol instructor, licensed handgun owner, archer, bird/bow hunter, scuba diver, SEC college football fan and a Celebrate Recovery believer. Both Tom's sons are Eagles Scouts, one of which is in the US Army having served in Alaska and Iraq; the other is a graduate of Texas A&M.

Connecting with Tom King

Mediator Tom King, J.D. is on a three year journey (2023-2025) to visit all the American and Canadian National Parks to demonstrate how legal professionals can work remotely, effectively, efficiently and dependably. Tom publishes daily pictures and a weekly video of the past week's visuals with a new remote technology tip. Connect with Tom using these methods of modern communication.