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Texas Family Law Resource Binder (TFLRB)

The Texas Family Law Resource Binder (TFLRB) is a collection of 50 Texas Family Law topical helpsheets being developed in 2019 with Board Certified family law attorneys and former judges. It is available below in both a Statewide Edition and a Harris County Edition for family law professionals practicing around Houston. The TFLRB is updated monthly as new helpsheets become available. Created for family law professionals, the TFLRB is complimentary to the SBOT Texas Family Law Essential Toolkit.

You can download the full Statewide Edition , Harris Edition (which includes as the Statewide Edition information plus local information) or individual helpsheets below as the links become live. Either way, print all pages double-sided on extra think white paper (at least 28 lb.) and place in a 2" wide, 3-ring binder with external clear pouches for the included coversheets. Use and share with your colleagues and co-workers as you see fit (without edits). Send improvements to Tom King.

  • Ad Litem, Amicus & Guardian Helpsheet
  • Adoption Helpsheet
  • Appellate Case Helpsheet
  • Appointment Helpsheet
  • Arbitration Helpsheet
  • Attorney Practice Helpsheet
  • Billing, Collection & Withdrawal Helpsheet
  • Business & Medical Records Helpsheet
  • Child Custody Helpsheet
  • Child & Medical Support Helpsheet
  • Client Personal Helpsheet
  • Client Legal Helpsheet
  • CPS Case Helpsheet
  • Criminal Cases Helpsheet
  • Deadlines Helpsheet
  • Depositions Helpsheet
  • Discovery Helpsheet
  • Drug Testing Helpsheet
  • Enforcements Helpsheet
  • Entry & Prove Up Helpsheet
  • Exhibits Helpsheet
  • Final Orders (Divorce/SAPRC) Helpsheet
  • Grievances/Malpractice Helpsheet
  • Habeas Corpus Helpsheet
  • Hearsay Helpsheet
  • Jury Selection Helpsheet
  • Mediation Helpsheet
  • Modifications Helpsheet
  • Name Changes Helpsheet
  • Notice & Service Helpsheet
  • Parental Rights & Duties Helpsheet
  • Parental Rights Termination Helpsheet
  • Paternity Helpsheet
  • Probate Issues Helpsheet
  • Procedures Helpsheet
  • Property Division Helpsheet
  • Protective Orders Helpsheet
  • QDROs Helpsheet
  • Resources QR Codes Helpsheet
  • SAPCR Helpsheet
  • Spousal Support Helpsheet
  • Technology Helpsheet
  • Temporary Orders Hearing Helpsheet
  • Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) Helpsheet
  • Trial by Judge Helpsheet
  • Trial by Jury Helpsheet
  • Venue Transfer Helpsheet
  • Video Conferencing Helpsheet
  • Visitation & Possession Helpsheet
  • Witnesses & Experts Helpsheet

TFLRB: Statewide Edition


TFLRB: Harris County Edition

Harris County Family & Juvenile Law Contacts Helpsheet

The new Harris County Family & Juvenile Contacts Helpsheet is used by all the courts, clerks and family law professionals around Houston. It features the entire court staff, dock times, location and contact information for all of Harris County's Family, Juvenile and IV-D (Child Support) Courts.

It is suggested that you laminate copies of this Contacts Helpsheet with the 5 mm, 9" x 11.5" lamination pouches for your office, home office, briefcase, paralegals, co-workers and colleagues. See Office Depot and Amazon for laminator machines and use extra thick white paper.

Please share this with anyone you wish, but don't edit the copyrighted contents. Any errors are the author's fault. Send improvements or corrections to Tom King.



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