Marble Client Sessions with Attorney Tom King

All Marble clients who contract the services of attorney Tom King do so on a "limited scope basis" with you officially remaining "pro se" to the Court. It is your choice whether to hire us for additional limited scope respresention in court hearings and mediations. If you hire Tom King in this capacity, be sure to immediately schedule one weekly meeting for each of the next six weeks. Tom's email address is and his Marble Clients phone is 713-565-3516.


If you need to record phone calls of the other party, be sure to follow the instructions on this "Audio & Video Technology Helpsheet".  Also, you will need to create a folder on your Google Drive, then share it to Name the folder "Marble-[Lastname]-[Firstname]-[Case Type]. For example:


Mobile Apps

If any of the following apps apply to your case, download them to your smart phones and tablets:

Initial Case Information

Do not email Tom any information. Instead upload the below information (preferably in PDF format) to your Google Drive folder for Tom to review in your weekly client video conference meetings:

Co-Parenting Classes

Most Texas courts handling family law cases involving children will require the parties to take at least 4 hours of online co-parenting class. In order to impress the Judge and opposing side of a case, I encourage you to take the following courses for a total of 14 hours of co-parenting online classes. This is a great way to go "above and beyond" that is inexpensive, but will make a positive impact to others involved in this case. If you are permitted to communicate with the other party, I encourage you to share this with them as well.


The following are a combination of self-improvment suggestions, some legal and and some personal, that will likely help your case if involved in a custody battle. 


Click on the below helpsheets if you think they will be of help to you legally or personally. 


Your case may benefit from court admissible copies of police reports, medical records, criminal conviction histories, CPS records, emergency room records, birth certificates,  marriage certificates, etc. When you request copies, you should communicate "May I please have an electronic copy of [item] in PDF format that is court admissible with a business record affidavit so the judge will allow it into evidence?"

Legal Services

Drug Testing