Best Free 45 Hours of 2021 CLE!

Each year, Mediator Tom King presents three completely FREE Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events to help lawyers meet the Texas Bar College requirements of 30 CLE hours each year and to encourage attorneys to pursue Texas Board of Legal Specialization status in their area of specialization. To participate in our free CLE events, attendees use our free legal technology apps to follow along on their mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets, watches) and PC computers (via the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers).

  • January: Texas Modern Mediation Webinar (15 FREE hours CLE)

  • May: Texas Lawyers Technology Webinar (15 FREE hours CLE)

  • October: Texas Family Law 7-Day Cruise (15 FREE hours CLE)

January 2021: Texas Modern Mediation Webinar

Every Friday after MLK Day, Tom King presents the free TMMC for family law attorneys, judges and paralegals to help us improve our preparation for and participation in mediation. It features 80+ of Texas' family law attorneys and judges on 36+ panels each 30 minutes in length. While it has an emphasis on family law and CPS mediation, it applies to all mediation. The 2021 TMMC (MCLE #174086940, 15.0 hours including 2.0 hours of Ethics; plus 2.0 hours of materials self-study) Friday, January 22, 2021 . CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (FOR FREE) AND PARTICIPATE.

May 2021: Texas Lawyer Technology Webinar (TLTW)

Each May, Tom King presents the free TLTW (CLE #174095671) online via Zoom from 8 am to 6 pm for 15 hours of CLE which you self-report. It comprises of 25-minute presentations (each with a 5 minute break) of the latest hardware, software, services, websites and IT strategies for Texas lawyers and paralegals who are passionate about having a practice built upon modern technology in order to be the most efficient in their practice of law for themselves and their clients. The next scheduled event is Friday, May 14, 2021. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! You can also here to view the itinerary.

October 3-10, 2021: Texas Lawyers Cruise with 15 Hours FREE Family Violence CLE

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