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What is a vCard?

A vCard is an electronic (or virtual) business card format for the Internet. It stores your contact information such as emails and phone numbers and much more. vCards can be read by many programs and email clients by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Yahoo and others. vCards are the best way to share your contact information with your clients and friends. It helps people add you to their address book with one mouse-click. You can attach it to your emails, upload it to your website, or even send it over a cell phone via text messaging. For more information see these below resources:

Here is how to access Tom King's contact information:

What is a QR Code?

A "Quick Reference Code", knows as a QR Code, is an image that when scanned with the QR Code Reader on your mobile device will import Tom King's contact information. Scan the below QR Code with your mobile device's QR Code Reader app to directly add Attorney & Mediator Tom King's contact information into your mobile device's address book.