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Family Law Mediation Instructions


Weekday mediation is $250 per half day (4.0 hours) per party; evening/weekend mediation rates double. Sessions at your location are $50 extra per party. Clients must pay via Zelle Quickpay to tom@tomking.com using their bank's or Zelle's mobile app. Reservations confirmed only upon payment of all fees and no refunds within 7 days of mediation.

Mediation Helpsheet

Print the below Mediation Helpsheet (.pdf) on double-sided on extra thick white paper to review with your client and then bring to mediation. It is also part of the free Texas Family Law Resources Binder.


District Clerk

Confirm that both parties are registered online with your county's District Clerk to receive automatic updates on your case. If only one party is Pro Se, the other party's attorney shall register both parties. In Harris County, visit HCDistrictClerk.com.

Required Preparation

Parties must send Tom King a single email seven (7) days prior to mediation with PDF attachments of the below items with only TYPED responses (using such free tools as PDF Escape Online Editor or Adobe Reader). Your First Settlement Offer will be the initial item shared in mediation.

  1. Your most recent filed petitions, answers and cross/counter pleadings
  2. Your completed District Clerk's "Financial Information Form" with client's most recent paycheck stub and tax return
  3. Your completed "Texas Family Law Mediator Questionnaire" with full signature block information
  4. Your completed DRO's "Child Support Information Sheet" - only completed by Petitioner if minor child involved
  5. Your first settlement offer that is (a) fair and equitable regarding property; and (b) in the best interests of any children
  6. Your Zelle payment confirmation to tom@tomking.com


Arrive 15 minutes early and check your calendar event notes for location instructions:

Video-Conferenced Mediation

Video-conferenced mediation with Google Hangouts or Microsoft Skype requires all parties to have a video-camera enabled desktop/laptop computer (with the Chrome browser) or mobile device (with the Google Hangouts or Microsoft Skype mobile app) for the following scenarios:

  • When domestic violence/intimidation is involved or the MSA is agreed/uncontested
  • When there is bad weather, documented personal issues or the desire to save a half day of travel
  • When at least one party is located too far away from the mediation location

Scheduling & Calendars

Email Tom King your desired time slot (8 am, Noon or 5 pm) with the cause number, confirm you will comply with all aspects of this page's instructions and copy all attorneys and pro se parties. Accept all calendar invites and review their notes, attachments, location information and/or video conference instructions.