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Founder/CEO Tom King, J.D.

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Tom King's Famous Harris County Family Law Courts & Contacts Helpsheet!

Tom King's Texas Family Law Services

Tom is a family law attorney known across Texas and practicing remotely statewide. He started his career as a prosecutor for the Galveston County District Attorney's Office where he was undefeated in jury trials include juvenile capital murder. Today, he is know as the pioneer of  online mediation in 2018 (two years before Covid) and organizer of the free 25 hour Modern Mediation CLE Webinar. Click here for more information.

Tom King's Texas Online Mediation Services

Tom is the pioneer of online mediation, online drive-by mediation, and online mediation scheduling in Texas. He mediates online in civil, family, probate, small claims, OAG/IV-D, and other areas of law. Tom settles 93% of his cases on final orders weekdays 9 am, 1 pm, or 6 pm for only $400 per side. He also does drive-by mediations weekdays 8 am and 5 pm at $200 per party. Click here for more mediation services information including scheduling, payment, preparation, and participation.

Tom King's Modern Legal Lifestyle

Tom practices remotely from his recreational vehicle while he is on a four year journey to visitation all the American National Parks. This year, Tom is touring the Pacific Time Zone while using his Starlink satellite Internet for online mediations and online court proceedings. Click here to follow Tom's journey on social media as he shares professional life enhancement and legal technology tips across American and Canada., LLC Legal Software Platform

Tom is the founder of the modern software platform for legal professionals. Officially launching in 2024, features 200+ legal utilities, a legal vendor marketplace, and our 25 hour free Modern Law and Mediation CLE Webinar. offers a free 6-month trial and is only $100 per year thereafter (including the CLE). Click here to sign up for your free 6-month trial, after which it is only $100!