Statewide Mediation $250 Per Party Per Half Day

Texas Family, CPS, Civil, Probate & Elder Mediation Cases

Statewide Video-Conference & Houston In-Person Mediation with Electronic Document Signing

Statewide & Local Mediation

Family Law Attorney Tom King offers statewide video-conferenced and Houston-area in-person mediation. Mediation is $250 per party per 4.0 hours offered at 9 am and 1 pm sessions weekdays. Evening and weekend sessions are available by special request at $400 per party per 4.0 hours. Click the "Book Now" button to schedule your mediation.


Mediation is $250 per party per half day (4.0 hours) for weekday sessions, $400 per party for evening or weekend sessions. The parties (not the attorneys) are to pay the mediation fee within 24 hours of the reservation using Zelle Quickpay to or 713-449-2000.


Mediation is available via video conference using the free Google Meet or in person at 5151 Katy Freeway, Suite 140, Houston, Texas 77007. Video-conference mediation is easy and saves everyone an extra half day in round trip travel. Mobile device users just need to download the Google Meet mobile app. Computer users just need a video camera and the Google Chrome Browser. Our calendar invite will include the video conferencing information as well as the phone number and PIN for landline participants.


Send Tom King a single email 3 days prior with the below PDF attachments with TYPED responses. See the free PDF Escape Online Editor or Adobe Reader if you lack these PDF typing tools.

  1. Your Zelle payment confirmation to
  2. Your completed "Texas Family Law Mediator Questionnaire" with full signature block information including the attorneys' SBN
  3. Your completed District Clerk's "Financial Information Form" with client's most recent paycheck stub and tax return (if child support is involved)
  4. Your completed DRO's "Child Support Information Sheet" - if there are children yet to graduate from high school, then Petitioner completes this form
  5. Your most recent filed petitions, answers and cross/counter pleadings
  6. Confirm you and your client are registered with your county's District Clerk (i.e., at for Harris Co. ) to receive case updates.

About Tom King

Tom King is a family law attorney with experience in complex family cases. His primary focus is as a statewide mediator of family, CPS, probate, elder and civil matters via video conference with electronic document signing. Tom also offers in-person mediation in the Houston area for local cases not wanting to save a half day of round trip travel.

Tom was a Galveston County DA's Office Felony Juvenile Prosecutor (1993-1994) where he was undefeated in jury trials including capital murder. He graduated from St. Thomas High School (1981), Texas A&M University (1986), Boston University School of Law (1992) and is a member of the Texas Bar College. He is also an NRA certified pistol instructor, licensed handgun owner, bird/bow hunter, scuba diver, college sports fan and aspiring salsa dancer. Click the above "Book Now" button to schedule your mediation.

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