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Attorney & Mediator Tom King

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Family Law Helpsheets & Resource Binder

  • Texas Family Law Attorney Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Texas Family Law Client Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Texas Family Law Discovery Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Texas Family Law Mediation Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Texas Family Law Parent-Child Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Texas Family Law Procedure Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Texas Family Law Property Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Harris County Family Law Contacts Helpsheet (.pdf)
  • Harris County Family Law Resource Helpsheet (.pdf)

Family Law Resource Binder (with all the above Helpsheets)

  • Harris County Family Law Resource Binder - Contents (.pdf) - includes all above Helpsheets
  • Harris County Family Law Resource Binder - Coversheets (.docs) - for you to customize

Mediator Forms & Downloads

  1. Mediator Tom King's Questionnaire
  2. Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVS) Form*
  3. Financial Information Form
  4. Family Information Form (TFC 105.006 Information Sheet)*
  5. Child Support Information Sheet Form*, **
  6. Medical Support Order**
  7. Order of Name Change (Adult) Form and Criminal Record (CHFF) and/or Order of Name Change (Child) Form, Child's Consent, Birth Certificate**
  8. Download: Texas Family Law Mediation Helpsheet (.pdf) and Harris County Family Law Mediation Participation Helpsheet (.pdf)

* Only completed by Petitioner if represented by an attorney or if neither party has an attorney; only completed by Respondent is only party represented by an attorney

** Only if necessary

Family Law Pleadings

  • Appearance by Video Conference - Motion (.docs)
  • Appearance by Video Conference - Order (.docs)
  • Entry of Appearance (.docs)
  • Subpoena - Business Records (.docs)
  • Subpoena - Medical Records (.docs)
  • Subpoena - Duces Tecum (.docs)
  • Rule 11 - New Divorce/SAPCR Agreement & Order (.docs)

Family Law Additional Resources

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Attorney & Mediator Thomas A. King

State Bar of Texas Number 00784398

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Houston, Texas 77024



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