Mediation Toolkit

Texas Modern Mediation Toolkit (TMMT)

The 2021 Texas Modern Mediation Toolkit is the free compliment to the State Bar of Texas' Family Lawyer's Essential Tool Kit. Each Toolkit is built with our data collection raw data template used by our CLE panelists, then formatted into the below cheat sheets. This FREE Toolkit is launched yearly at the FREE Texas Modern Mediation Conference, always on the Friday after MLK Day in January. This toolkit is also featured in our technology apps for lawyers and paralegals.

  1. Texas Active Duty & Retired Military

  2. Texas Adjudication of Parentage (AOP)

  3. Texas Arbitration

  4. Texas Business Valuations

  5. Texas Child Support & Health Support

  6. Texas Client Intake

  7. Texas CPS Cases

  8. Texas Custody Evaluations and Amici

  9. Texas District Clerks

  10. Texas Discovery

  11. Texas Divorce Monetary Decisions

  12. Texas Domestic & Family Violence Resources

  13. Texas DRO & DRC Mediations

  14. Texas Drug, Alcohol & Paternity Testing

  15. Texas Equal Justice Resources

  16. Texas Enforcements

  17. Texas Increasing Your Legal Knowledge

  18. Texas International & Out-of-State Cases

  19. Texas Lawyers Technology

  20. Texas Litigation Services

  21. Texas Mediation Preparation (for Attorneys, Paralegals, Parties & Mediators)

  22. Texas Mediation with Different Languages & Cultures

  23. Texas Mediation Rules & Regulations

  24. Texas MSA Drafting, Prove Up & Entry

  25. Texas Modifications

  26. Texas Notice & Service

  27. Texas Parental Access & Possession

  28. Texas Parental Rights & Duties

  29. Texas Parent-Child Evidence

  30. Texas Paternity

  31. Texas Pleading Drafting

  32. Texas Property Characterization & Evidence

  33. Texas Private Investigations

  34. Texas Online Mediation Preparation & Participation

  35. Texas QDROs

  36. Texas Real Estate Valuations

  37. Texas Spousal Support & Common Law Marriage

  38. Texas Supervised Visitation

  39. Using OurFamilyWizard

  40. Using SplitSmart

  41. Using TxDocs

  42. Using the American Family Law Center (for Pro Se Parties)

  43. Harris County Supplement: Family Courts & Contacts

  44. Harris County Supplement: Probate Court Contacts

  45. Harris County Supplement: Misdemeanor Court Contacts

  46. Harris County Supplement: District Clerk Contacts

  47. Harris County Supplement: DRC Information

  48. Harris County Supplement: DRO Information

  49. Harris County Supplement: Local Rules

Accessing Our Toolkit

Lawyers, paralegals and parties can also use our technology apps for smart phones, tablets, watches and desktop browsers on your PC to access the Texas Modern Mediation Toolkit. For more information, visit our Mediation Apps page.

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