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Watch These Panels by Friday, January 22, 2021 ...

TMMC Panel 02: Litigation Services

Lori and Barry Brazil, BrazilCo Litigation Services

Moderator: Michael Clay; Intern: Elizabeth Sheehan-Vela

TMMC Panel 09: Online Hearings & Online Mediations

TMMC Panel 10: Divorce & Mortgages

TMMC Panel 19: Ethics - Rules, Regs, Best Practices

TMMC Panel 21: Ethics - Different Languages & Cultures

TMMC Panel 22: Custody Evaluations v. Amici

TMMC Panel 37: Family Law Appellate Update

TMMC Panel 38: Mediation Memo Preparation

David Arrington; Serena Hudson of KoonsFuller Houston

Moderator: Tom King; Intern: Kasey Borthwick

TMMC Panel 39: Family Law Initial Pleadings

TMMC Panel 40: New Disclosure Requirements