Texas Modern Mediation Preparation


Everyone should complete the mediation preparation requirements in "Tom King Mediation" mobile app or below 3+ days prior to your mediation. Also, attorneys and paralegals should install our mobile app, download our Resources and sign up for our free CLE events.

Requirements for Parent-Child Cases:

1. Parties should install the "Tom King Mediation" mobile app and review the simplified terminology on the "Parties" page.

2. Exchange your most recent tax return and either (a) your most recent paycheck stub (if you are employed) or (b) your previously 12 monthly statements for your financial accounts (if you are self employed).

3. Exchange your estimated child support obligation if you become the non-custodial parent. See the Texas OAG Child Support Calculator and Guidelines.

4. Exchange proof of health coverage on the children and the costs associated with covering just the children (not you and the children). Also, advise if a child's change of last name or paternity is at issue.

5. OPTIONAL: Consider using SplitSmart.com for simplified parenting plans, schedules and low-to-no conflict approaches to child support. (This replaces Items 2 and 3.)

Requirements for Property Cases:

1. Parties should install the "Tom King Mediation" mobile app and review the simplified, related legal terminology prior to mediation.

2. Exchange statements for all financial accounts for the first and most recent month of the marriage. This includes all banking, savings, pension, retirement, military and debt accounts.

3. Exchange a list of all property and debts, indicating the party name associated with the obligation. This includes all property, vehicle and student loan debt.

4. Confirm if there will be a name change requested by a party.

5. OPTIONAL: Consider using SplitSmart.com to streamline financial disclosures and organization of assets and debts for efficient and transparent property division negotiations and settlements. (This replaces Items 2 and 3).

Requirements for Drive-By MSA Mediations:

Mediator Tom King must receive in advance in Microsoft Word format both your proposed final order and your Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) that summaries this order with the following included in your MSA.

1. DIGITAL SIGNATURES: The parties agree that the use of original digital signatures, collected by all signees, occurred contemporaneously during today's mediation session. Further, the parties agree that the use of such signatures shall not be used as a basis to invalidate this Mediated Settlement Agreement, its exhibits if such exist, the resulting order or any aspects regarding the validity of the settlement of this matter.

2. NO LEGAL ADVICE FROM MEDIATOR: The parties agree that at no time did mediator Thomas A. King provide any legal advice to any of the participants and that if any of the parties appeared Pro Se (without representation), they were aware of their option to hire representation to assist them, but instead chose to participate Pro Se.

3. MEDIATION: Should further mediation be required, the parties agree to use mediator Thomas A. King at $250 per party per 4 hours of mediation.

4. ARBITRATION: Should arbitration of this mediation be necessary, the parties agree to use mediator Thomas A. King in an additional 30-minute mediation session for $125 per party.

5. SIGNATURE BLOCK INFORMATION: Mediator Tom King, SBN 00784398, 713-449-2000, tom@tomking.com.