Mediation Payment

Payment Instructions: Payment by each party is due the day of booking via Zelle Quickpay, Venmo, Cash App or Google Pay. Half-Day mediations are $250 per party; and Drive-By MSAs are $125 per party. Include the following information with your payment:

Send To: Mediator Tom King, J.D.

Search: or 713-449-2000

Memo Field: Mediation {date & time}

Payment Method: Only 1 of the 4 below services

Payment Methods: Payment is accepted via Zelle Quickpay, Venmo,Cash App or Google Pay. Contact these vendors directly for instructions on how to use their service. This also means we do not take cash, checks, credit cards or debit cards.

Refund Policy: Sessions that rescheduled less than 3 days prior are rescheduled within 30 days, but never refunded. No exceptions.