Texas Modern Mediation Payment to Tom King

METHOD: Payment by each party is due TODAY via Zelle Quickpay, Venmo (TomKingHouston), or Cash App ($TomInTexas). Contact these vendors directly for instructions on how to use their service. You can look up Attorney & Mediator Tom King in these payment systems via his cell phone number of "7134492000" or his email address of tom@tomking.com. Again, the desire is for the parties (not the attorneys/law firms) to handle payment directly to us.

COST: Half-Day mediations weekdays at 9 am, 1 pm or 6 pm are $250 per party. Drive-By MSAs weekdays during the 8 am or 5 pm hours are $125 per party and require at least one attorneys involvement. Important: Be sure to include the date and time of your mediation in the memo field of your payment.

CANCELLATIONS: Sessions rescheduled less than 7 days prior are rescheduled within 30 days, but never refunded. No exceptions.

NO-SHOWS: The parties agree that if on the day of mediation Party X has not paid for mediation, Party Y will be responsible at that time for Party X's cost of mediation and Party X on final orders will be responsible to fully reimburse Party Y for the cost of both Party X and Y's mediation fee, plus Party Y's reasonable attorneys fees. Parties are encouraged to use and file our "Agreed Order to Mediate" in either Microsoft Word format or PDF format which includes this language.

PREPARATION: Once you have completed payment, all participants need to complete their preparation for mediation.