Texas Family Law & Mediation Internship

Internship Program

We are constantly looking for law students and recent graduates waiting on their bar results to intern with us remotely. You will get the best modern mediation and family law experience in Texas! Participate in h100s of mediations and hearings, connect with 100s of attorneys and judges, gain multiple certifications relevant to the practice of family law and hit the ground running!

You will also help plan 3 large-scale family law/CPS, technology and mediation Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events for 2021 which will expose you to tons of family law legal professionals and vendors. Work whatever hours you can remotely and we'll work with you to get class credit if possible.

All this and we don't even charge you! For more information, see our internship flyer and MEET OUR INTERNS BELOW! If still interested, email Tom King your LinkedIn profile which should have everything a potential employer needs to see.

Intern Heather Davis

Intern Katie Campbell

Intern Elizabeth Sheenan-Vela

Intern Alexandria Spanos

Alexandria Spanos graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. She is currently a 2L at the University of Houston Law Center where she also participates in the Civil Practice Clinic and the Street Law program. After she graduates in 2022, she plans to practice Family Law in Harris and contiguous counties in Texas. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.

Intern Kasey Borthwick