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Attorneys and Paralegals are encouraged to review and use our below forms. The "Agreed Order of Referral to Mediation" includes the language that the parties agree that if on the day of mediation Party X has not paid for mediation, Party Y will be responsible at that time for Party X's cost of mediation and Party X on final orders will be responsible to fully reimburse Party Y for the cost of both Party X and Y's mediation fee, plus Party Y's reasonable attorneys fees. For more information, visit our Forms page.

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Stay up to date on our latest forms and templates by installing our free legal practice and modern mediation software platform. Streamline and improve your mediation preparation, participation and success. Utilize our pre-mediation and post-mediation forms and templates. Schedule and participate in free, online, pandemic-free, pajamas-ready, state bar approved continuing legal education (CLE) webinars. Click on the below link to download and install. For web browsers, be sure to turn on the "pin" for this app/extension in the Extensions control panel so it appears on your toolbar.

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