Webinar Overview & Certifications

The Texas Victims & CPS Webinar (CLE #174096058) provides 20 hours of State Bar of Texas approved CLE for attorneys, paralegals and related professionals involved in family law, CPS cases, family violence and victims assistance . This training and certification is included for all passengers on our Texas Victims & CPS CLE Cruise on Royal Caribbean October 3-10, 2021 (see details below). With this CLE, you will pick up the following four certifications:

  • Certification for Victims Advocate Trained Legal Professionals

  • Certification for appointment to represent children in child welfare cases

  • Certification for appointment to represent adults in child welfare cases

  • Certification for Amicus Attorney appointments in family law cases

  • Certification for Attorney Ad Litem appointments in family law cases

Each of our presentations is 30-minutes long, features four panelists, and each panelist reviews their column of information on the front-and-back Help Sheets which will comprise our Texas Victims & CPS Legal Toolkit (see below). Our Toolkit is FREE and complimentary to the Texas Children's Commission's Texas CPS Tool kit (which we strongly support). Our agenda should be finalized by April 1st, but here is the tentative list of certifications and topics (each of which are half-hour sessions):

Webinar Topics

  • Certification for Victims Advocate Trained Legal Professionals:

      1. Child Abuse: Understanding the dynamics

      2. Child Abuse: Protecting and interacting with these victims

      3. Elder Abuse: Understanding the dynamics

      4. Elder Abuse: Protecting and interacting with these victims

      5. Sexual Assault: Understanding the dynamics

      6. Sexual Assault: Protecting and interacting with these victims

      7. Victims: Advocacy & Legal Intake Procedures

      8. Victims: Safety

      9. Victims: Counseling

      10. Victims: Battering Intervention

      11. Prevention: Youth Abuse Prevention

      12. Prevention: Coaching Boys to Men

  • Certification to Represent Children & Parents in Child Welfare Cases *:

      1. Legal Essentials for Child Protection Cases

      2. Child Protection Case Flow Overview

      3. Investigations & Alternatives to Removal of a Child

      4. Duties of Parents' and Children's Attorneys

      5. Burden of Proof & Best Interest of the Child

      6. Pleading & Motion Practice

      7. Termination Grounds

      8. Discovery

      9. Evidentiary Issues & Securing Court-Admissible Evidence

      10. Statutory Hearings at a Glance

      11. Judicial Hearing Check Lists

      12. Ex Parte Hearings

      13. Adversary Hearings

      14. Status Hearing

      15. Permanency Hearing Before Final Order

      16. Dismissal Date Strategies

      17. Final Hearing

      18. Permanency Hearing After Final Order

      19. Understanding CPS Investigations

      20. Interacting with Law Enforcement

* Based on the Texas Children's Commission CPS Case Tool Kit

  • Certification to be an Attorney Ad Litem or Amicus Attorney in Family Law Cases:

      1. Attorney Ad Litem v. Amicus Attorney: Roles, Responsibilities & Duties

      2. Attorney Ad Litem v. Amicus Attorney: Best Interest of Child v. Best Interest of Case

      3. Attorney Ad Litem v. Amicus Attorney: The CPS Ecosystem & Duty to Report

      4. Attorney Ad Litem v. Amicus Attorney: Preparing and protecting child & adult witnesses

      5. Attorney Ad Litem v. Amicus Attorney:

      6. Protective Orders & TROs: Proving

      7. Protective Orders & TROs: Defending

      8. Texas Family Violence Statistics & Resources

Webinar Toolkits

Each panelists for each of our 30-minute presentations contributes a column of information on our front-and-back Help Sheets for each panel. We combine all the Help Sheets into our CLE event course material which we call our Texas Victims & CPS Toolkit. This is designed to be complimentary to the recommended Attorney's CPS Case Toolkit by the Texas Children's Commission.

Watch "On the Water" For FREE

This Free State Bar of Texas approved Texas CPS & Victims Webinar (CLE #174096056) is included for FREE as part of our "Texas CLE Cruise" October 3-10, 2021 in partnership with Royal Caribbean (Galveston, TX). You can bring anyone you wish, CLE event participation is optional and the $500 deposit taken at the time of booking is 100% refundable anytime before July 4, 2021. Below is the pricing per person for the cruise.

      • Interior Room: $701

      • Oceanview Room: $812

      • Oceanview + Balcony: $1,033

The conference is from 8 am to 2 pm on Days 2 and 6 when the ship is "at sea" just in time for lunch with your significant other. Click here for the ship itinerary including our ports of Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica and click here for the related Shore Excursions Brochure . In order to get more information or register for this "Texas CLE Cruise" you must call Royal Caribbean at 1-800-465-3595 (Mon-Sat 8A-5P CT) with Group ID No. 4843069 for the "Texas CLE Cruise".

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