Texas CPS/Family Violence CLE Cruise

October 3-10, 2021 - Includes 15 FREE Hours to Satisfy TFC 107.004 Requirement

Tom King presents the Texas CLE Cruise (CLE #174096056) October 3-10, 2021 in partnership with Royal Caribbean (Galveston, TX) with 15 FREE hours of CLE focused on Family Violence (CPS cases, domestic violence, protective orders and TROs) to satisfy the Texas Family Code 107.004 requirement to be appointed to CPS cases. The agenda of the optional and free CLE event is at the bottom of this page. If you register before December 31, 2020, here is the great pricing and the $500 deposit is 100% refundable!

      • Interior Room/person: $701

      • Oceanview Room/person: $812

      • Oceanview Room + Balcony/person: $1,033

The conference is from 8 am to 2 pm on Days 2 and 6 when the ship is "at sea" just in time for lunch with your significant other. Click here for the ship itinerary, click here for the Shore Excursions Brochure and follow the RSVP instructions below:

  • Must book with $500 deposit before December 31, 2020 to get maximum discount for all your passengers and receive $50 onboard credit.

  • The deposit is 100% refundable before July 4, 2021!

  • Must book through Royal Caribbean via phone at 1-800-465-3595 (Mon-Sat 8A-5P CT) with Group ID No. 4843069 for the "Texas Cruise"

  • Must have passport or U.S.A. birth certificate + driver's license

  • Pricing for 7-day, all-inclusive Royal Caribbean cruise (before tips, taxes and fees) is listed above ... if you register before December 1, 2020!

To participate in our free CLE events, attendees use our free legal technology apps to follow along on their mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets, watches) and PC computers (via the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers). NOTE: This CLE event does not meet the Texas statute for Domestic Violence for CLE requirements. This is merely a Family Violence & CPS Case Management CLE for family law and CPS attorneys.

Texas CPS & Family Violence CLE Cruise Conference

15 Hours FREE State Approved CLE Including 2 Hours of Ethics (Course No. 174096056)

If join us for the above cruise, you have the option to watch 6 hours online on demand presentations prior to the cruise, followed by two sessions between breakfast and lunch (while your significant other is sleeping in bed or poolside) on Day 2 and Day 6 while we are "on the water". You will earn 15 hours of FREE CPS related CLE per Texas Family Code 107.004. Each of the below topics will have a companion front-and-back "help sheet". There will be a total of 40 help sheets that will be combined into the "2021 Texas Family Violence Toolkit", free to all Cruise/Conference attendees.

CPS Topics

  1. CPS: Understanding the Texas Children's Commission (Judiciary)

  2. CPS: Understanding TDFPS (Executive)

  3. CPS: Understanding the CPS Division of TDFPS (Executive)

  4. CPS: Understanding the CPS Services Ecosystem

  5. CPS: Understanding Paternity Testing

  6. CPS: The CPS Toolkit

  7. CPS: Mediations

  8. CPS: Representing Unknown & Unadjudicated Fathers

  9. CPS: Representing Established Fathers

  10. CPS: Representing Mothers

  11. CPS: Helping Clients Complete CPS Requirements

  12. CPS: Duty to Report Child & Family Abuse (Ethics)

  13. CPS: Texas Bar CLE, Texas Bar College & Texas Board of Legal Specialization

  14. CPS: Child Advocacy

  15. CPS: TBD

  16. CPS: TBD

Family Violence Topics

  1. Family Violence: Understanding Substance Abuse Testing

  2. Family Violence: Obtaining Court Admissible Evidence

  3. Family Violence: Protective Orders

  4. Family Violence: Temporary Restraining Orders

  5. Family Violence: PO/TRO Hearing Strategies for the Victim

  6. Family Violence: PO/TRO Hearing Strategies for the Accused

  7. Family Violence: Supervised Visitation

  8. Family Violence: Victim Resources (Ethics)

  9. Family Violence: Truthful and Effective TRO Considerations (Ethics)

  10. Family Violence: Truthful and Effective Affidavits (Ethics)

  11. Family Violence: Appealing Protective Order & CPS Cases

  12. Family Violence: Family Violence & CPS Case Nightmares

  13. Family Violence: Working with County Attorney Offices

  14. Family Violence: Ad Litems & Amicus Appointments

  15. Family Violence: TBD

  16. Family Violence: TBD

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