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Texas Modern Mediation Toolkit (2020 Edition)

The Texas Modern Mediation Toolkit (TMMT) is the conference binder for the Texas Modern Mediation Conference on January 24, 2020. In order to earn the 3.0 of self study, attendees are required to print these contents into a binder which they bring with them to the conference. This is free to download and share as you see fit. It includes the updated Harris County Family Law Courts & Contacts Helpsheet. Please send corrections or improvements to tom@tomking.com. Below are also the presentations shared in the conference this year:

  • Diane Reul - Standard Possession Order (SPO)
  • Diane Reul - Expanded Standard Possession Order (XSPO)
  • Diane Reul - Injunctions Exhibit
  • Diane Reul - Allocation of Parental Rights & Duties Exhibit
  • Judge Charles Collins & Thomas Singleton - Child, Medical & Dental Support
  • Roy Moore - Arbitration Presentation

Harris County Helpsheets

These contacts helpsheets are available for free to use and share, but do not edit these copyrighted contents. Please laminate multiple copies for your colleagues, co-workers, paralegals, briefcase, vehicle, office and home. Laminate with 5 mm, 9" x 11.5" lamination pouches. See Office Depot and Amazon for lamination machines and use extra thick white paper.


Family Courts

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Probate Courts

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Misdemeanor Courts

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