Mediation Preparation

Half-Day Mediation Preparation

Two business days prior to mediation, review the Participation instructions, then email (copying the opposing party/counsel) the below documents combined into one PDF file. All PDFs should have TYPED responses. See the free PDF Escape Online Editor or Adobe Reader if you lack access to PDF tools.

  1. Your Zelle payment confirmation printout
  2. Your case's latest live petition, answer and cross/counter pleading
  3. Your completed 2-page "Texas Family Law Mediator Questionnaire"
  4. If children are involved, bring your completed ...
  5. If this will be a divorce from a current marriage, then property division is involved. Therefore, bring your list and printouts of the following and how you wish to divide them:
    • Household furniture & property inventory
    • Vehicles (bring titles or loan payoff information; and insurance cards for each)
    • Retirement/Investment/401K accounts (with the balanced for the date of marriage and also this week)
    • Real Estate including your home (with the title or mortgage payoff information)
  6. Review the Mediated Settlement Agreement form.

Drive-By MSA Session Preparation

Two business days prior to mediation, review the Participation Instructions, then email the following:

  1. Your Zelle payment confirmation printout.
  2. Your confirmation that ALL signees will participate in the online mediation.
  3. Your signed (but unfiled) Agreed Final Decree/Order in PDF format.
  4. Your unsigned, proposed Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) and Exhibit 1 in both Microsoft Word and PDF format that includes the following:

      • "The parties agree that all original digital signatures are legally binding, were applied to the same version of this document, and applied on the same date indicated on this document. Further, the parties agreed that the identities of all signees was confirmed with valid, official government issued identification prior to the commencement of this mediation."

      • Signature blocks for all signees with their email addresses, including a signature block for your mediator with this information:


Thomas A. King

7941 Katy Freeway #271

Houston, Texas 77024

SBN 00784398