Mediation Participation

Statewide, I offer video conference (online) mediation of family law matter cases. Over two-thirds of my mediations involve at least one participation via video. In Houston, I also offer in-person (onsite) mediation. Below are the instructions for participating in either. If at least one of the participants will be onsite at the below location, then book the mediation as on "Half-Day Onsite Mediation". The instructions for all parties and attorneys are below.

Online Mediation Participation

  1. If you are new to Zoom video conferencing, watch the Zoom Training Videos.
  2. Confirm opposing party's participation and direct them to this website.
  3. Complete all Payment and Preparation tasks.
  4. All participants must present legal identification prior to video conference participation.
  5. If participating by ...

Onsite Mediation Participation: SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

  1. Complete all Payment and Preparation tasks.
  2. Confirm everyone's planned attendance, review of the Preparation and this page's Participation information.
  3. All participants must present legal identification prior to participation. Only parties can participate in mediation, unless approved in advance by the mediator and opposing party.
  4. Review your calendar invite with the location information: 5151 Katy Freeway, Suite 140, Houston, Texas 77007. This loction has free valet parking, clean restrooms, non-smoking facility. Refreshments are vailable for purchase in lobby. Mediation is with separate attorney/client and group caucus rooms. Please do not smoke prior to mediation, due to Tom King's tobacco smoke allergy.
  5. ALL signees must bring your smartphone, mobile device for the e-signing of the Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA). Just follow the yellow boxes including the last box which says "Finish". These will be actual, original, digital signatures.
  6. Do NOT smoke any tobacco or illegal products prior to or during mediation. Tom King is allergic to these and will cancel mediation.