Post-Mediation Tasks

Post Mediation Responsibilities

  1. All signatures must be collected on the same day and any digital signatures must be orginally created during the mediation signing process.
  2. The party responsible for all drafting, signature collection, filing, prove up and/or entry will be the Petitioner -- unless the Respondent is the only party represented by an attorney, in which case the Respondent will handle these post-mediation responsibilities.
  3. The party who does the above filing must make sure all signees have a copy of the signed and finalized Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) the same day that you file it.
  4. If any payments are due, they must be made today via Zelle Quickpay before any MSA or Notice of Impasse is filed.
  5. If Mediator Tom King did a great job with your Mediation or Drive-by MSA, please post something on social media that links to Tom's website, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. Please mention the high quality, convenience, low cost and effectiveness of Tom's approach to modern online or in-person mediation.